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Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

11/11/2013 Back To Blog

Cleaning a carpet and maintaining it to look prim is a very hard task and one that should be done by professionals.  They make a room look complete and are a great way to add a sophisticated look to your home. Especially in California, there is a high need for the maintenance of carpets. If you want your carpets to last their lifetime then you need to pay attention to their proper maintenance needs.  This blog post will give you a few pointers and tips that will guide you in properly maintaining them.

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips


Where you place carpets in your home greatly affects the amount of cleaning it requires. For  example in high traffic areas like the hallway, the need for carpet cleaning is very high, as they are exposed to more dust. This dust, if not cleaned, will accumulate in them and make them look dirty and forlorn. In such places, try to use rugs so that the heavy traffic does not end up wearing out too quickly. This makes home carpet cleaning much easier as the maintenance of rugs can be given to professionals like us to make your carpets look pristine.

Vacuuming Regularly

If you want your rugs to look good as new then vacuuming regularly is the best carpet cleaning method. Regular vacuuming takes out all the dirt that has been collected in  it and therefore protects it from soil getting embedded in it. Improper vacuuming is the main reason why they wear out so easily, therefore, it is essential for home carpet cleaning to vacuum at least once in a day to prevent the dust from embedding deep within it.

Clean Spills Right Away

If you’ve accidentally spilled something on this lovely decoration of yours, then contacting a professional carpet cleaning contractor like us is a good idea. Till we arrive make sure to put a lot of water on the stain so that it does not dry out and become permanent. Removing stains is best left to the professionals as it requires using cleaning agents. However, if you plan to try taking off the stain yourself, then always use eco friendly products so that you do not end up getting harmed from chemicals.

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