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Residential Carpet Cleaning

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As a homeowner who wants thorough cleaning of the carpet that leaves the fabric as new as it was, you find yourself with the need of requesting professional help from the company that specialize in residential carpet cleaning. Having being certified by IICRC you will entrust us to handle the cleaning for your carpet, because we know what we are doing. We use equipment’s that have been given the highest rating by Carpet and Rug Institute [CRI].

Residential Carpet CleaningConsidering the two factors mentioned above; certification of skills and high rating of equipment’s shows only the tip of the iceberg of home carpet cleaning service we offer. Besides only being certified and rated, our professional team is comprised of naturally relatable people that give the sense of safety, the moment they enter your place of residing.  A dedicated team that loves the job they do by giving the customer the satisfaction they truly deserve. However, a deep cleaning of the carpets with water and the appropriate cleaning detergents will certainly help in removing the nasty dirt from the carpet, as well as make the homes more hygienic. Moreover, our professionalism is depicted by the 100% satisfaction guarantee provided after visualization of a carpet that finally smells and looks excellent.

We are also equipped to handle residential water damage. From basement floods, leaking ceiling, sink burst, toilet overhaul, and mold remediation among other things that water has caused harms. Be rest assured when we are in the process of offering our service, we go beyond just cleaning the carpet.

We also understand to offer quality house carpet cleaning services; you need not to be highly priced. We are a competitive company that prices its customer for the quality that carpets deserve. The calculations made are ones that make sense for both parties to mutually benefit.

For residential carpet cleaning, we deal with a variety of common types of carpets found in most of households. However, we also deal with “Specialty Carpets” that are a bit hard to clean all by yourself. This can be, silk, woolen, Flokati, or Shag rugs. We have the skills to handle cleaning with utmost perfection.

Our procedure of cleaning is one of admiration to the customer’s satisfaction – applicable to customers that get the satisfaction of watching services being performed in their own eyes. As it often said, “Seeing believes”and as a residential carpet cleaning Temple City Company, we know that not only your presence motivates us, we don't hinder the customer from being a part of our joyful crew by watching.

Services We Offer Beyond Carpet Cleaning

1. Upholstery Cleaning Services– Including couches, sinks among others, we are equipped with the right material that is tailored for    the item that you have.

2. Spring Cleaning Services –That time of the year that you feel like spring-cleaning your house, but due other commitments it becomes hard to determine the time to avail yourself for cleaning. Leave that to us to worry about and continue with your daily engagement without the fear of unclean house.

3. Window Cleaning- For glass built houses and even commercial companies; we clean glasses to scream Sparkling.

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