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Basic cleaning solutions to all kinds of carpet stain problems. Learn how to select handmade rugs and how to prolong their life. Find out more about the importance of upholstery cleaning and how to clean office tiles.

Tile cleaning at offices

Working places ought to be very clean and bathrooms spotless. Most offices use tiles for the bathroom walls and floors to make cleaning easy. Though, grout and tile cleaning must take place daily according to the experts of Carpet Cleaning Temple City. Tiles are cleaned easily but they get dirty easily, too. Thorough tile floor cleaning is important for the health of both customers and employees.

Upholstery cleaning is important

Upholstery cleaning is equally important to sofa and carpet cleaning. It is essential for your health since stains can be found anywhere in the house, especially if you have kids or guests over often. Have you checked the covers from the dinner chairs lately? Stain removal would be effective with vinegar and mild detergents you keep at home. If the covers come off, put them in the laundry.

Vacuum regularly to prolong carpet life

Vacuum cleaning is generally accepted as an effective way of extending the useful life of carpets. It is recommended to have a vacuum cleaning routine at least weekly in order to keep carpets tidy. Regular vacuum cleaning prevents the fibers from sticking and quickly degrading.

How to select handmade rugs

Selecting handmade rugs is all about finding the right size and colors. So, take a good look of your environment before you invest in oriental rugs. It's also vital to make sure the rugs are handmade. They're usually woven with many knots, have no machine stiches whatsoever and the colors are even intense at the back side.

Things to watch for when wet cleaning a carpet

Drying a wet carpet can be rather difficult if you don’t quite know what to do. However, you need to make sure that the carpet is dried quickly enough, otherwise some problems could arise. For example, moisture that remains stagnant for long periods of time is a good breeding ground for bacteria, and eventually mold.

Do not scrub crayon stains

The problem with crayons comes from the fact that they are made of wax. As a result, the harder you scrub, the deeper the wax gets into the fibers. Our professionals in Temple City explain that this is the worst thing you can do as it will make the problem a lot more serious. Special techniques are required for removing wax from the fibers.

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