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Excellent carpet cleaning services that maintains a healthy and clean home

Deal with all kinds of issues in your carpet by reading the FAQs below.

Wouldn't it be lovely if you didn't have any questions regarding your carpets and never had to wonder what to do in order to clean stains or keep rugs fresh? Here below you can read smart and short answers to frequently asked questions related to carpet cleaning and stain removal solutions

Learn how to clean carpets fast. Short answers to questions about rug, carpet and sofa cleaning!

What must I consider before I buy rugs?

You should think well about your choices of carpeting. Do you want wall to wall carpets or oriental rugs? Do you need both and can you afford them? You should also make the right measurements. You might like huge Persian rugs but if you would have to hide them under tables and couches, it wouldn't be worth it. Experts from Carpet Cleaning Temple City would recommend you to consider carpet maintenance needs, too.

Why carpet prices vary?

The prices of carpets depend on many things. If we are talking about handmade Persian rugs, the cost would differ according to the size, shape and materials used. Oriental rugs made by natural materials would definitely cost more. Some rugs are made with gold threads and they would cost a fortune. It would also depend on the density of the carpet and, thus, number of knots. If you compromise quality, you will surely pay less.

Is it safe to lie down and sleep on my carpet?

Staying on the carpet is usually safe unless you have severe allergies to dust and dirt that could accumulate on the carpet. Otherwise it is a common thing to do to stay on the carpeted floor to read a book or watch the TV.

How often do you recommend carpet maintenance?

Carpet maintenance by professionals like ours in Temple City is often dependent on the kind of foot traffic that the carpet is subjected to. Generally, the more people living in the home, the sooner the carpet requires servicing. A small family takes a year or more before getting professional carpet cleaning help.

Why are there wrinkles on my carpet?

Carpets often get wrinkles when they are not dried well. If you recently cleaned them and used water-based carpet cleaning solutions, check if they haven't dried yet. Make sure they do to avoid mold damage. Sometimes, carpets get wrinkles if they are not stretched properly or need to be re-stretched. Don't leave them like that because you might fall and your carpet might get ruined.

Which carpet stains are the worst?

You will be surprised to discover that most food and drink stains are more easily manageable compared to ones left by chemicals such as those which are used for the pool, for example. Some chemical compounds are capable of destroying the carpet's dye completely, causing serious damage to the fibers.

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