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Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Products

05/05/2015 Back To Blog

Isn't it bad enough having to deal with dirty floors and bacteria? Do we also have to inhale toxics from chemicals contained in carpet cleaning detergents? We are exposed to pollution and harmful atmospheres many hours each day. This is enough and we don't want to be exposed to chemicalsreleased in the indoor environment of our house, where we will have our meals and sleep. The word we are looking for is “green”. We need green products, ecofriendly products and ecological solutions! After all, such good detergents won't only ensure air purification but will also help the entire environment, enhance the idea of the green planet and will be best for our carpets, especially if we own handmade Persian rugs.Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Products

Be aware of what you choose to protect your health

Can you imagine the terrible effects of house and office carpet cleaning detergents, which contain volatile organic compounds, toxics, bleaches, enzymes and other relative agents? When you clean carpets with such products, you inhale these chemicals instantly. Even if you are wearing a mask, the odor doesn't go away fast. Your carpets will be clean but also attacked with chemicals. There will be a really terrible air within the room and the effects on your health will be immediate. The point of carpet and rug cleaning is to remove debris, dust mite and bacteria from the floor and along get rid of air particles, clean the indoor atmosphere and ensure the air is fresh. The use of chemical will reverse these goals. Instead of improving the atmosphere, we will make it worse.

It's also crucial that the effects of chemicals on carpets are bad, too. Not all fibers are strong enough to withstand the attack of chemicals. They might look good today but they might die sooner. Of course, the main issue is human health. Continuous use of such detergents will make you feel sick, lead to asthma attacks and allergies, and might have carcinogenic effects. It needs great attention when you choose detergents for your Oriental rugs. Not only do you have to choose the right product for the fibers of the specific rug, but you must also take a closer look of the label of the product. Some are called green just to meet some basic law requirements but still contain toxics. Your priority is your health and so if you don't find the right solution out there, stick to white vinegar and dish liquids for home carpet cleaning.

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