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Mistakes with Carpet Cleaning

11/11/2013 Back To Blog

The choice of carpets manifests the taste of the owners but the extent of their life would depend on the frequency and quality of carpet maintenance. Don't forget that each rug or carpet is not placed on floors just for appearances but it is related with the insulation of the house, the health of the family and probable allergic symptoms. Many homeowners completely forget the importance of carpet cleaning but some overdo it which is also bad.Mistakes with Carpet Cleaning

Follow the right rug cleaning methods

*Even the cheapest rug demands good cleaning and its colors may be affected by chemicals. Rugs get stained almost daily and certainly need to be cleaned thoroughly but you don't kill mosquitos with cannons. If you are using strong chemicals and mix various detergents together for greater results, you may succeed with stain removal but the colors will come off, too.

*In fact, handmade carpets require high quality ecofriendly products because according to the experts at Carpet Cleaning Temple City their colors used are natural and may be completely destroyed by chemicals or the wrong products. You need to remember that handmade rugs require careful treatment.

*You can protect handmade oriental rugs by keeping them away from the sun because continuous exposure to the sunlight will discolor them. 

*Avoid placing rugs in the kitchen and bathroom or places where there is high humidity because they will be ruined soon.

*Aesthetically speaking, intense colors in master bedrooms may be beautiful at first glance but they are not relaxing. You need more neutral shades and you definitely need to do rug cleaning much more often than other rooms in order to sleep in healthy environments.

*Of course, most carpets must not be vacuumed daily with the exception of the kids' rooms, which must be cleaned to protect the health of the little ones. In any other case, fibers must be given the chance to take their initial shape after the pressure of the vacuum cleaner and breathe properly.

*Many people vacuum the carpets often or use aromatic products for odor removal but the origins of the problem are hiding at the bottom of the fibers. In this case, you have to take more drastic measures cleaning the carpets well and use vinegar for odors.

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